The Power And Evolution Of Marketing And Advertising Essay

889 Words Oct 18th, 2016 4 Pages
My topic is the power and evolution of marketing and advertising in contemporary fashion. Today, Marketing and branding play a crucial roles in the fashion industry; fashion marketing is the process of analyzing, developing and marketing current fashion trends to satisfy consumer needs. Today, a designer’s creativity expresses itself more than ever in the marketing than in the actual clothes.” (Fashion journalist Teri Agins) Fashion advertising is more than using magazines and T.V. ads; it also utilizes digital media to increase consumer awareness and to create connections between the brand, the label and the consumer. There is difference between fashion marketing and fashion advertising. Fashion marketing is discovering the needs of the consumers through a marketing strategy: product price, promotion, and place. Fashion advertising is part of the promotion aspect of the mix; it is communicating the products to consumers. Fashion marketing and advertising is crucial today, more than ever, because it is how brands discover who are their target markets and how to reach these individuals. Prior to the development of digital fashion marketing and advertising in the 1920s, fashion was disseminated through word of mouth and imitation. The controversy that I am going to enter is the negative effects of fashion marketing and advertising. Many people argue that the expansion of fashion advertising has led to an increase in misrepresentation; unrealistic expectations and low…

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