The Potential For The Inhibition Of Anti Apoptotic And Rnai Pathways

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The potential for the inhibition of anti-apoptotic and RNAi pathways to enhance in vitro baculovirus biopesticide production
Baculoviruses are target specific virus infected a number of plant pests especially the lepidopterous pests. Baculovirus biopesticides have been used worldwide for decades. Although many have been done to enhance yields of baculovirus in vitro production, their large-scale production poses certain difficulties that limited the use. Apart from optimization of cell lines, culture medium, bioreactors and culture mode, the key aspect is to improve yields of occlusion bodies (OB) of baculovirus in which host cell modifications may provide a biological approach for furthering enhancing the yields. Ideally, improving yield by at least 2 fold will make large-scale production commercially viable. This review provides an overview of insect cell antiviral defense system including apoptosis and RNAi so as to identify anti-apoptotic and/or RNAi gene of virus that might be used in transfection of host insect cell lines for improving baculovirus yields.
Biopesticides, as replacements for chemical pesticides have been a research hotspot for several decades. The Misuse and overuse of chemical insecticides are damaging the natural environment which leads to the loss of productivity of key agricultural land, pest resistance, and detrimental effects on non-target organisms. In addition, the resulting chemical residues in food have adverse impacts on…

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