Describe The First Known Emergence Of The Ebola Virus Compare And Answers

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Register to read the introduction… Who is David Silverstein?

10. What virus was found in Dr. Musoke’s blood? Describe the virus and it’s origin.

11. What is a filovirus?

12. Which is the worst of the filovirus “sisters”? What is the kill rate in humans?

13. Describe the information provided by “Mr. Jones” concerning the Marburg virus.

14. What is one general theory for the origin of AIDS?

15. What was the outcome for Dr. Musoke?

A Woman and A Soldier

16. Who is Nancy Jaax?

17. How did Nancy Jaax cut her hand? Why is this significant?

Project Ebola

18. What does USAMRIID stand for?

19. Describe the brief history of Biological Weapons in the U.S.

20. What kinds of precautions were necessary for Nancy Jaax to be able to work in Biosafety Level 3 conditions? What problems did she face?

21. What is unique about Biosafety Level 4?

22. How did Nancy Jaax end up working in Biosafety Level 4?

23. Describe the first known emergence of the Ebola virus. How did it get its name?

24. Who is Eugene Johnson?

25. How many different proteins make up an Ebola virus particle? What is known about them?

26. Describe the effects of the Ebola virus. How does it appear to be
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Describe the Biosafety Level staging area. Describe the suit required for work in Biosafety Level 4.

Total Immersion

28. Describe the symptoms exhibited by the monkeys that were infected with Ebola.

29. Describe the structure of a typical virus.

30. What “scare” did Nancy Jaax have while working with Ebola?

31. What happened to the Ebola infected monkeys? What became of the healthy monkeys? How?

Reading Section II: pages 95-153

Ebola River
1. Who is Mr. Yu G.?

2. Describe Ebola Sudan.

3. Describe Ebola Zaire.

4. Describe how the disease was spread through the Yambuku hospital.

5. Describe the shape of the Ebola virus.

6. What is the C.D.C.?

7. Who is Nurse Mayinga? Describe her situation.

8. Describe how the medical teams worked to prevent the further spread of the disease throughout Kinshasa.

9. How many other people caught the virus from Nurse Mayinga?


10. Who is Eugene Johnson?

11. Who is Peter Cardinal?

12. Explain why a virus may be more like a predator than a parasite.

13. How might Peter Cardinal have become infected?

Going Deep

14. Describe the expedition to Kitum Cave. What was the purpose of this

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