The Positive Influence Of School Sports In High School

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High school, it is a place student’s gather to learn with peers and teachers. Every day students are expected to pay attention to the lessons they are being taught, even with all the distractions and influences surrounding them. Almost everything in life can influence a student; some are inside the school and some outside the school. Some influence’s students come across can have a positive impact on one’s life while others may not. From drugs to sports, to peers, poverty, social media, and even teachers, these all have influences on students, some of which are negative, some positive, and some may have both. First, with every good thing in life, there is always a bad. For example, students face negative influences every day. One of the biggest …show more content…
Being involved in high school sports can bring many different skills needed for life in the future, such as learning how to work with others, hard work, and positive competition. Not only that high school sports can bring physical fitness to the body and increase the student’s self-esteem. Moreover, being part of a sports team can increase an individual’s popularity and social status; which may not be available to them otherwise (University of Michigan). Also, most sport’s coaches require good grades from the players in order to play and be part of the team, which motivates the students to work harder in class and make higher and more appropriate …show more content…
Normally, students may discuss the decisions they are debating on with their peers before doing something. So, by asking their friends (or peers) what they should do, they may receive a positive response; making the peers a positive influence (Peer Influence). Some high school students reported that their friends typically discouraged drug and alcohol use more than they encouraged it. Peers may also motivate others to run for things such as class presidents, join clubs, or play sports; making their school life a lot more enjoyable and comfortable (Kampf). Peer groups even have more influence on a student more than his or her parents (Harris 3).
Another influence on high school students is poverty. A Southern Education Foundation report stated that low income students make up the majority in high schools. Those students living in poverty are more likely to have to work and take care of their families making them miss school and sometimes dropping out of school altogether. Another report from TIMSS shows that as the poverty in high school increases, grades decrease. So, if students from higher income families are constantly scoring higher on tests and lower income students are scoring lower, there must be a factor

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