Essay on The Popularity Of Video Games

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With the popularity of video games soaring, people start to think things about those who play games. Their first thought may be that gamers just sit in a dark room all day, playing games with no regard to personal health, hygiene, or social interactions. Their second thought may be one of fear, thinking that the violent video games that have been growing in popularity may have had an effect. Finally, a non-gamer may think that a gamer is just a criminal in the making, learning what not to do from the more “crime-oriented” games. These are just a few of the many sterotypes and misconceptions that have emerged due to the rise in gaming popularity. One of the largest gaming misconceptions lies within the stereotype of an average gamer. Basement dwelling, overweight, unhygienic, and unsociable: These are just some of the assumptions that gamers are tagged with. However, most, if not all of them, are false. In fact, with the advent of motion capture game technology, there have been numerous games released that cause gamers to have to move around and exercise, regardless of being in their own home. A scientific study was performed recently on people suffering from cataracts and repaired childhood blindness. Patients were told to play video games for 40 hours over the course of a month. Collins discovers “After playing a first-person shooter video game for 40 hours over a month-long period, the patients […] could read one or two lines lower on an optician’s eye chart.” (Collins…

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