The Political Alignment Of Texas Essay

952 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Texas political alignment began as a strong and faithful for the Democratic Party. Through time however the political alignment switched from Democratic, to Republican, to a long lasting Democratic until turning back into the Republican alignment we have today. The particular rime and the economy of Texas was a large part of what cause these changes. To dive deeper into the changes of political alignment we have to understand who was in power at the time both in the national government and state government. In this paper I will expand on the points of: how the Democratic Party was able to gain control of the state government in Texas well into the 1970s, how Texas shifted from being an overwhelmingly Democratic state to being an overwhelmingly Republican state, the lessons that the present-day Republican Party can take from the decline of the Democratic Party, and finally, how likely it is that Democrats will come to dominate Texas politics and the factors that lead us to believe it will or will not happen. From Texas’ very beginning when it joined as a Slave State to the United States, It relied heavily on the use of slaves and the agrarian workstyle. During this period of time until reconstruction Texas, along with its neighboring southern states, were the unyieldingly a democratic party. However due to the loss of the civil war, the North, gained control of the south and the age of Reconstruction took place in Texas. At the time of reconstruction, the northern military…

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