Essay on The Police Act Of Protecting Minorities From Racist Violence

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The police hold an essential role in the relationship between the state and its citizens. Mostly, they are central to discussions of fairness, justice, and equality before the law (Bloch & Solomos, 2009). Notably, the police are a coercive arm of the government through which majority of the public have frequent and direct contact. Bloch and Solomos (2009) assert that “the police are to the government as the edge is to the knife”. Moreover, the police have encounters with the public and shape experience of the government. Therefore, the police must abide by the law and enforce it at the same time. According to Rowe (2012), the police being the public authority that exists, should serve and protect the people. Moreover, they should be guardians of racial and ethnical equality. In this case, they are expected to spearhead the act of protecting minorities from racist violence. Equally, the police are supposed to act fairly in investing reported crimes and in bringing the offenders to justice. However, a research done in the United Kingdom shows that the police have largely failed to provide equal protection under the law (Rowe, 2012). Furthermore, the police have been frequently and persistently accused of racism and racial discrimination against black and brown citizens of the United Kingdom. . Mainly, policing is a part of policy where the anti-discrimination law has been an abject failure. The author states that the British police powers were released from the initial…

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