Essay about The Play ' The Piano Lesson '

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The Concept of Ghosts as Portrayed in The Piano Lesson

The Piano Lesson, a play written by August Wilson, portrays a family that has been living within the presence of various ghosts and spirits. The play hones in on the Charles family living in Pittsburgh during the depression. Doaker, Berniece and Maretha are surprised with a visit from Bernice’s brother Boy Willie and his partner Lymon. In the house which Berniece, Doaker and Maretha live, there is a piano; a family heirloom that has carvings of ancestors carefully engraved in the wood. Boy Willie is determined to sell the piano, at least his portion of it, in order to purchase a property that his family’s long ago ancestors were once slaves on. Berniece doesn’t want anything to do with the selling of the piano, as Maretha plays the piano and because of the sentimental value in which the piano holds. As the plot of the play continues to intensify, various ghosts and spirits make appearances. These ghostly figures are; legacies of the past, seeking some sort of revenge that is personal to another character and are non metaphorical. The ghosts and spirits are very similar and all play a part in The Piano Lesson. The first ghost who appears in the play is Sutter’s ghost. Sutter was a man who owned property that the Charles family’s ancestors worked on as slaves. There was a piano made by Berniece and Boy Willie’s grandfather, Papa Charles, which is the same as the piano that is sitting in Berniece and Doaker’s house.…

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