Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5 Analysis

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In scene 5, the audience sees the ghost communicating verbally for the first time, and it is with his son Hamlet. The ghost tells Hamlet than he has come on a nightly walk from the Purgatory. The ghost mentions his soul is under continual torment for the sins of his life. Next, the ghost reveals a major point to move the plot along, revealing that he was not killed a viper as officially announced, but was murdered by non-other than Hamlet’s uncle Claudius. It is revealed that Claudius snuck into the garden where King Hamlet was taking his afternoon nap, and Claudius poured poison into King Hamlet’s ear killing him painfully. As a result, Claudius now wears King Hamlet’s crown and sleeps with his wife. The ghost demands vengeance, telling Hamlet not to focus on his mother and leave her to the heavens stating she is weak and lustful, but to focus his revenge fully on Claudius. 1b) As Hamlet encounters the ghost for the first time, he is overwhelmed and full of questions. Hamlet tells the ghost the since he has the appearance of his father, he will speak no matter what. Horatio and Marcellus are question the situation, and warn Hamlet not to follow the ghost. But Hamlet is determined to hear the ghost speak, Hamlet is still grieving for his father and distraught by his …show more content…
It must include introduction to some of the main characters and information or details about the characters. The opening scene must create interest and often does so by means of atmosphere. Shakespeare uses lively arguments, or supernatural beings, all of which create suspense and a serious tone. During this first act we see the introduction to the many of the major plot details which introduce us to the overall plot, such as the threat of an invasion, the appearance of the ghost, King Claudius and Queen Gertrude’s marriage, and the love relationship between Hamlet and

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