The Role Of Epiphanies In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The play Hamlet has many important events and plot twists, many of them being Hamlet’s various changes in conscious and his mental state. While each revelation has its own importance in their own way, I think two of his most important epiphanies are when he realizes his uncle truly is responsible for his father’s death. The first occurs when his father’s ghost appears to him. It’s just after twelve at night, the fog is dense, and it’s freezing outside as he walks with Horatio and Marcellus. They had informed him that they have seen what they believe to be the ghost of his father, King Hamlet, the night before and beckoned him to go with them. As they wait for the apparition to appear, they hear trumpets and canon fire, signaling the ongoing …show more content…
The ghost confirms that he is indeed King Hamlet, and that he must speak quickly before he must return to the terrible flames of purgatory. He tells Hamlet that one-day, while he rested in the orchard as he often did in the afternoon, Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, snuck up behind him and poured a vial of henbane into his ear, a poison that moves rapidly in the veins and curdles the blood, turning his smooth skin into a disgusting crust. Hamlet, who had already suspected that his father death had been foul play, expressed his pity and his sorrow to his father’s ghost and vowed to get revenge against his uncle. I believe that even though he had his suspicions, the ghost’s confirmation lead him to his conviction to get revenge for his father’s unfair death. But as the play progresses, he begins to have doubts, and questions not only his own motives, but that of the ghost that appeared to him as well. How could he be sure that this was truly his father’s ghost, and not some demon from hell striving to drag him down with it? He needed more evidence that Claudius was responsible for his father’s death. So, when the players visited the castle, it provided him with the perfect opportunity to get just that. He

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