The Play ' The Crucible ' Essay

868 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
The Rep is a really nice, well made place and has a great, almost dark theatre. I arrived about an hour before the play, The Crucible, began but it didn’t feel like it,1 because I was still kept entertained. As I walked into the Rep, I could see a little bar, that also sold snacks like cookies and ice cream, in the top, left corner of the room. In front of the bar, they had a couple tables, with clean white tabletops. The room also had a long bench that wrapped half-way around the room. On the far left there were stairs, above the stairs was an actual bar or dining space, and entrances into the top half of the theatre. To the right and back behind the stairs was the main entrance to the theatre. There were two people standing there, dressed nicely in black and white, waiting to take tickets and to help point you the direction of your seats, because there were two entrance ways. As I walked into the left side of the theatre, another attendant actually helped us find our seats. The theatre was lighted very warmly, as a soft and almost dim yellow color, but it was still enough to see clearly. The theatre was definitely a proscenium stage, but it also felt a little like a thrust stage because the seating was curved. The seats were a nice red and black color, but there wasn’t much space to move between my seat and the one in front of me. One by one, people started coming in through entrance ways, all taking their own sweet time. I noticed that everyone was conversing nicely to…

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