The Dangers Of Hysteria In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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"The Crucible" is about the Salem witch trails during the late 1600s under the Puritan Society. The Puritans in seeking truth and never to tell lies because the take committed sins very serious, especially in the practice of witchcraft. People in the society were sentence to death because of all theses accusations of the practice, they all became delirious and jump to conclusions. In the play "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, the dangers of hysteria resulted in the false accusations upon innocent people, the possession of political power, and the corruption of the community by rumors.
It all started out with the false accusations upon the innocents, when a group of girls were caught dancing and chanting around the fire in the woods. After being
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When Abigail claims to John Proctor about the rumors his wife has told, it drove her mad. Abigail felt like she was being attacked by Elizabeth Proctor and says that “she 's telling lies about me!,” (Abigail Williams, Act 1)Abigail is saying this because she wanted to take a revenge upon Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail 's a stereo drove her to lie and manipulate people into her story instead of everyone that would accuse her of witchcraft. Abigail thought the need to do this because she likes being the center of attention, and she does that because she wants everyone to feel sorry for her. Even though she was lying, it was away of her getting out of being accused. Another case of the corruption of the community by rumors was used by Giles Cory. felt the need to threaten Mr. Nurse by saying “if Rebecca nurse be tainted, then nothing left to stop me,” (Giles Cory, Act 3) Mr. Corey has been hearing rumors about her, and says that if I hear any rumors about Rebecca Nurse dabbling in witchcraft, He would do anything in his power to report it. Mr. Corey 's history wanted him to do this because it was the only way that the rest of his family wouldn 't be accused of witchcraft. By being a good Christian, Mr. Corey expects to be rewarded or in favor of when he is in court. Both of these events led to the corruption of the community because it was a bunch of people listening to these rumors and attacking them for the benefit of themselves. It 's every man for themselves come out when it comes to the witchcraft

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