The Planet 's Marine Wildlife Essay

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The moon, a large chunk of rock twirling around the Earth and the Sun. Humans have explored, researched, and mapped the moon. From its craters to its makeup, everything that humans could find out about the moon, with the technology they have, has been discovered. The moon, an object over 230,000 miles away, has been completely charted while the oceans on Earth are only about five percent charted. Although the ocean has not been mapped out completely we do have a good idea of what animals live in the ocean. About one million plants and animals live in the four oceans on Earth, and an estimated nine million have yet to be discovered (The Ocean 2015). Since the oceans are huge masses of water it only makes sense that the animals in it need a lot of space to be healthy. SeaWorld, a world class theme park showcasing many of Earth’s marine wildlife, has dedicated its entire being to help save and protect the animals from water. SeaWorld has, in a way, become it’s own worst enemy through the eyes of animal activist. It’s fatal accidents in the past have raised suspicion and sparked inspiration for the documentary Blackfish, not only have the people at SeaWorld suffered but so have the animals; however, SeaWorld is working to reverse the damage that it has caused, which shines new light on the road ahead. SeaWorld holds twenty-three orca whales in their parks, eleven of which are in San Diego, California. However, there is one whale that stands out from the rest, Tilikum, a…

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