Aristotle's Ethos In Blackfish

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In 2010 at SeaWorld Orlando, Dawn Brancheau was brutally attacked by a SeaWorld orca named Tilikum. Blackfish is about Tilikum the orca and his conditions at SeaWorld and others left in captivity for years. Aristotle’s notion of proof was used in this documentary through logos being very informative of the mistreatment of the orcas. Next, they use pathos through the trainers sharing emotional details and interviews of the victim’s family. Lastly, they used ethos by having people that actually worked there share facts, and having video footage to back up what they stated. Logos is defined as when persuaders use logical reasoning to persuade an audience of something (Borchers, 2012). SeaWorld tells tourists of the park many facts that Blackfish …show more content…
Blackfish taps into the audience’s emotions by making you feel like the orcas have emotions themselves. For example, when they shared the story of separation of Kasatka from her daughter, Takara and the long distance distress calls she gave out. When the trainers shared all that they have been through, and the bonds they make with the orcas and then they or other trainers are attacked it is a very emotional situation. Listening to the 911 calls from Dawn’s former employee when Tilikum mutilated her was the most chilling part of the documentary. Another example is the footage of a male trainer being held under water several times and not knowing if he was going to survive. Lastly, how the orcas have been mistreated in SeaWorld. Held in pools as large animals with more than one orca, causes them to “rake” one another, and when given a lack of food as punishment can be frustrating for them. The most emotional story was of how they were captured and brought to SeaWorld. When their capturer shared his story of taking them away from their mothers and how they would just wait inside the net for them and make distress calls. He began to tear up, as he explained some of the baby orcas would die before they even got to the parks. He explained the regret he still has of sinking the dead ones and his job capturing the

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