The Plan For A Job Program At A High Quality Educational Training Program

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First and foremost, I would not cancel the program after the expenses incurred in planning and organizing it. This would only mean a huge waste of money and resources to the company. I would certainly run it at a projected loss even though Pam still has an entire month to work on the performance of her plan and its current implementation. For example, relying more on making real-time adjustments, adopting a more intense marketing campaign and ensuring that the program’s attendants receive a high quality educational training from the instructors should be some of the goals to purse in order for the company to record more registrations in the upcoming weeks. Please keep in mind that not only mailing lists can be used in these instances, as we know that high-profile executive managers seldom pay attention to what might look as advertisement mail; however, using technology to send instant emails, messages, voice mails and letters would mean a tremendous boost in Pam’s opportunities to acquire more registers. Let’s not forget Pam already has 10 participants in her program, which means that she barely needs a half more to break even financially. However, even if she does not register the missing spots, she’d be working in a long-term investment that will generate (if the program is performed with great results) future profits when more mid-level managers attend her programs. The planning and implementation part of these activities were carried out on time but, something must…

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