The Pilots : The Airplane Pilot Essay

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The Pilots
The Airplane Pilot
The NTSB (2010) report shows that the airplane pilot was age 60, and received a private pilot certificate (for airplane single- and multiengine land-instrument airplane) on August 20, 2001, from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). His most recent certificate was dated December 5, 2008. His FAA issued third-class medical certificate was issued on May 14, 2009, with the limitation that the certificate holder must have available glasses for near vision. The NTSB was unable to determine if the pilot was wearing the corrective lenses or not.
The pilot was in good standing with the FAA, with no citations, accidents, incidents, violations, or pending investigations. His biennial flight review(s) were up to date, and according to NTSB (2010) report he showed logged flying hours of "1,121 hours total flight time, with 834 hours in the Piper PA-32, and had flown 18 hours in the 90 days preceding the accident and about 1 hour in the 30 days before the accident" (p. 6, 7).
According to NTSB (2010) report, post-accident toxicological testing revealed no concerns, and a post-accident interview with the pilot 's wife revealed that he normally required around seven hours of sleep per night to feel rested and that the 72 hours prior to the flight had been normal with no outstanding circumstances that may have affected his sleep pattern or amount of sleep. She stated that on the day of the accident, he awoke between 0630 and 0700. The report states…

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