The Physics Of Sci Fi Essay

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Another means through which science has driven the development of sci-fi can also be credited to Asimov. In his attempt to understand a compound that dissolves in water in less than an instant, he hypothesized that such a molecule would require an, ‘“endochronic carbon atom ', in which the two planes of carbon valence bonds are not both spatial in the ordinary sense. One, instead, is temporal. It extends in time, that is. In the temporal plane, one bond extends toward yesterday and one toward tomorrow,” (Wilkins). He claimed that this hypothetical compound was so loaded with bonds that they began to exist outside of the spatial dimensions, and began to exist within the dimension of time. In this he established an entire parody of the nature of such a compound, explaining fictional properties such as its ability to dissolve slightly before it has even encountered water. Through his parody article Asimov describes a great deal of sci-fi based solely on the science of chemistry.
Other such scientific discoveries may warrant a significant influence on science fiction, as is the case in Inherit the Wind, when Drummond cites Einstein’s Theory of relativity, asserting that, “All motion is relative. Perhaps it is you who have moved away, by standing still,” (Lawrence 2003, 67). The principle of relativity states that, all motion is only relevant within a frame of reference. Lawrence extrapolates this typically science based quote and uses it to explain how ones understanding can…

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