The Physical And Controversial Issue Of Abortion

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Abortion is a controversial issue due to the division of opinions on what is right and wrong. To help persuade undecided opinions, the terms pro-choice and pro-life have been coined. Pro-choice supporters fight for a woman’s freedom to decide, while pro-life supporters fight for the rights of the fetus. Those who support abortions do not take into consideration the impact it has. Primarily, having an abortion should be considered as murder since a life is ended. Also, the act of an abortion allows individuals to avoid the personal responsibility towards a child. Lastly, despite current advances, abortions can still result in physical and psychological harm to the mother. In Canada, abortions are legal; however, due to the consequences caused …show more content…
Pro-choice supporters argue that "abortion is not murder unless one considers the fetus to be a person" (Sobel, 1994, para.1). However, "the ‘genetic definition ' of personhood…holds…that personhood begins at the moment of conception... Since the whole genetic code is established when the ovum and sperm are united, and each code is unique, a unique person is…created at the moment of conception." (Sobel, 1994, para.1). As medical science has come to recognizes that a new life is present from conception, it is accurate to state that abortion is murder because a life is ended. The physical stages of development of a fetus also prove that a new life has begun. At five weeks, the fetus’ tiny heart will start to beat and at 26 weeks, the fetus will be inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid (Fetal Development Week by Week, 2015, para.4-5) which will prepare the unborn child for its first breath at birth. This development demonstrates that the fetus is developing functional body parts that is the same as a baby out of the womb. Abortions also cause pain to the fetus, whose developing brain cells are able to receive pain signals. Dr. Paul Ranalli, neurologist, University of Toronto states that at 20 weeks, the fetal brain is ready to receive pain signals from the body (Hagel, Mansbach, 2016, p.48). As a fetus, there is no pain tolerance, therefore, the …show more content…
During any abortion, there are physical side effects that can occur. Two to four weeks following the procedure, it is common to experience "abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting, or spotting and bleeding" (Abortion-medical, 2014, para.5). Additionally, according to a study of deaths following abortion, researchers found that “women with a history of one abortion face 2.3 times higher risk of having cervical cancer " (Physical Dangers Associated with Abortion, 2013, para.4-8). Making abortion illegal will eliminate the physical risks that arise due to abortions. In addition, abortions also cause psychological harm to the mother, due to the significant drop in pregnancy hormones. In a study of post-abortion patients, researchers found that 44% complained of nervous disorders, 36% experienced sleep disturbances, and 11% were prescribed psychotropic medicine (Physical Dangers Associated with Abortion, 2013, para.26). If abortion became illegal, women would not have to face the psychological effects caused by

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