Essay on The Photograph, Candy Cigarette, By Sally Mann

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The photograph, Candy Cigarette, by Sally Mann is a portrayal of children in today’s society who are all caught in different stages of life. Mann utilizes several key elements such as atmosphere, landscape, body language, and focus to emphasize the overall theme. Losing childhood innocence too soon as the developing stages of maturity are onset by the fear of the future is an idea that Mann so simply portrayed in Candy Cigarette. The young girl, who catches the viewer’s eye at first glance, is caught in between taking a step towards maturity and youthfulness while the other two children are focused on their futures. The young girl has a choice to make, and Mann leaves it up to the viewer to choose what that may be. The way she has positioned the children demonstrates the stage of life in which each child can currently be found, but also suggests that each child is different because he or she will enter adulthood in a unique way. Mann also depicts multiple metaphors by using facial expression, body position, and wardrobe, all distinctively pointing to clear signs of rebellion.
At first glance, the viewer notices the young girl at the front of the photograph holding a cigarette. This evokes emotions such as concern and apprehension for the young girl’s future. These particular emotions are illustrated through the body language of the children, their positioning in the photograph, and the presence of the cigarette. The young girl holding the cigarette is facing the…

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