The Philosophy Of God 's Ten Commandments Essay

1060 Words Oct 1st, 2016 5 Pages
God’s Ten Commandments have been long neglected by today’s society. This has had a negative impact on our self- centered, money driven culture. In this paper, I will be analyzing three of the Ten Commandments and applying them to today’s culture. The Commandments I will be dissecting are the First Commandment, Fourth Commandment, and Fifth Commandment. I will then choose one of these Commandments and apply it to my own life. The First Commandment, “You shall have no other gods” (Deut. 5:7), indicates that the Israelites need to remain faithful to their one true God. In ancient times, many regions that the Israelites were passing through had multiple gods. Egypt, the country that the Israelites were freed from, also had multiple gods. God reminded them that He is the one true God and that although the countries around Israel had multiple gods, Israel was to remain faithful to Him. Modern culture has strayed from God and become unfaithful to Him. Many people define themselves as atheist, someone who does not believe there is a god. However, even people who identify as Christians have strayed from this command. Many people are unaware of this because modern culture has distanced itself from God and began “worshiping” earthly objects. One of the most worshipped objects in today’s society is money. People have become engrossed in wealth. This leads to people wanting more; more for a bigger house, faster car, another property, etc. If today’s society would…

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