Essay about The Philosophy Of Education For Children

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The Philosophy of Education
“On Education for Children” by Erasmus and “The Education of Children” by Montaigne both authors explore the function education plays in society and present their view on the features which constitute a suitable education. In terms of the role education plays, Erasmus presents education as a way for humans to organise themselves in a way that separates their society from that of the beasts. While animals possess highly developed instincts in order to survive, as a way of compensating Humans possess a more complex mind equipped for knowledge. In addition, due to human 's innate faculty of reason, Erasmus believes nature has cast “the burden of human growth upon education”(Erasmus, 68) and that education is ultimately more powerful than nature. Furthermore, Erasmus seems to view education is a function for human happiness which depends on “three prerequisites: nature, method, and practice”. From the point of view of someone brought up to education in the modern world, it is clear to me that the sole driving force for all the societies in all countries of the world is innovation, which stems from the development of ideas as a result of education. While I agree with Erasmus’ point of view that education is a means to develop human growth, I do not believe an individual 's lack of education would necessarily result in the production of an “unproductive brute”. I believe personal experiences through actions is a great way to learn and can substitute…

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