Amy Tan Two Kinds Essay

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“ A Mother’s controlling habits”

A mothers role is to love their child unconditionally and want the best for them. But their constant constructive criticism can turn a loving mother into a nagging one. In the short story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan, Ni Kans mother is constantly pushing her to strive for the "American Dream." Just like any mother would like to guide their child which is understandable, but for them to dictate their life is completely wrong. Ni Kans mother should have guided her to the right path instead of telling her how to live her life, Ni Kans mother should not have a say towards her future and here is a few reasons why is because this may lead a child to become rebellious and demonstrating hostile to others, dictating
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She always tried to put ego down, she may not have meant it but she did. No child ever wants to hear their mother dictating how they 're future should be and what they should do. This may cause a child to suffer from depression. Ni Kans mother never said anything positive about her daughter, which lead for Ni Kan to become frustrated and maybe even depressed. Ni Kan felt her mother wanted her to be someone different. " you want me to be someone that I 'm not" "I sobbed" " I 'll never be the daughter you want me to be." (Tan389). If a mother is always trying to have a say in their life they will end up becoming …show more content…
It can be tough love or sheltering them too much. Ni Kans mother just thought she had a say in everything Ni Kan did and how she should live her life. Ni Kans mother was living her dream through her daughter. She should not have a say towards her future, by dictating her life this may lead to Ni Kan suffering as a person, she may become depressed, rebellious, and preventing them from maturing on their own. Just like any parent, Ni Kans mother should guide her to the right path and not have any say towards Ni Kans future. Ni Kan holds her future in her own hands not her

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