The Personal Relationship With Jesus In The Life Of Jesus

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None of us living today can claim to have seen the miracles performed by Jesus, or heard him speak to the crowds and multitudes. Though as believers, we have a personal relationship with Jesus, we have never had the physical relationship with him that his disciples had. Some would say that we cannot truly know Jesus because of this, or that we cannot actually know why Jesus came to earth. This presumption leads to other questions: What was Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth, becoming a man and then dying for us? Why did he do and say the things that he did? Simply put, Jesus loves us. In the book of Luke, there are many examples of Jesus reaching out to the poor, the distressed, widows, outcasts, the “untouchables,” women and those viewed as helpless cases. Jesus came to earth to find and to rescue the lost.

One of the examples of Jesus seeking and searching out the lost was when he called the first three disciples. It began with a simple question. Jesus wanted to sit in Simon Peter’s boat. Peter was a fisherman. Being a fisherman was an honest job, but it was also a profession that was considered a lowly and menial. Fishermen were not the type of people that many would assume the King of the Jews would be pursuing as followers. However, Jesus’ mission on earth was exactly for this
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This is where Jesus’ actions may baffle some people. He chooses Peter, along with James and John, to be his disciples. “In an act of grace, Jesus lifts him up and calls him to a new life of ‘catching people.’” Once again, Jesus shows us why he came to earth. Jesus came for everyone and anyone who would willingly follow Him with all of their hearts. Jesus was not just a man, nor was he just God. Jesus was fully God, yet fully man, full of compassion, love and justice. He chose the people he did because he loved them and wanted a relationship with

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