The Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Essay examples

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Stephanie Chandler’s Personal Philosophy of Nursing Philosophy and personal beliefs can be one in the same. One’s personal philosophy can be ever evolving over time with life experiences and situational outcomes. As a nurse, maintaining the person you are and your beliefs in how to treat others should carry over into everyday life and interactions. Therefore, as a nurse your personal and nursing philosophies should be dynamic and interchangeable. I believe as in life and in nursing your philosophy should be what guides you in your values and the care you provide to patients and others you interact with. Compassion and the willingness to understand individual patients, people, and situations with an open heart and an open mind can provide opportunity for learning life lessons and growing in your beliefs and philosophies over time.
Choice of Nursing Unlike most in the nursing profession, my choice of a career in nursing was not something I grew up knowing I wanted to pursue. In fact, I can remember watching a television program about a medical setting and thinking to myself, I could never do that. However, I was given the opportunity after graduating high school to take advantage of a scholarship for a technical school offering a new and intuitive alternative to being a licensed nurse, medical assisting. Although I did not receive a ‘license’ in the early 1990’s the program was based on an LVN curriculum and required over a year of classes and wearing a white dress and…

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