Essay on The Period Of The Middle Ages

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The beginning of The Middle Ages, also known as the Dark Ages, came after the fall of the Roman Empire. The middle Ages was a time of disease and death for European culture that clouded the time from 400 AD to 1200 AD in darkness and hopelessness. The Political culture of the Medieval ages is what best known for its instability for power over the competition for royalty. The culture of the time was very idealistic in nature by thinking of their surroundings as they should rather than what they were. During this era a shift of normality came to play with gender roles. Throughout history women have been the lesser of their male counterparts, but in the Medieval women were starting to gain respect even better than men if their titles allowed it, often royalty. The system of the Middle Ages was known as feudalism. The dominate social nature of this form of government was built upon nobility owning land from the King where lived villages where they would give labor and produce in exchange for military protection. After war and terror many of the Kings and noble men of the time saw fit for a more centralized government giving death to Feudalism. Another prominent part of the medieval culture was the dominance of the Catholic Church, the only church in Europe during this era with its own laws. Members of the Catholic Church such as Bishops and Archbishops would be known to sit side-by-side to the King and play heavy roles in the government. During this time what was bad was a…

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