Argumentative Essay On The Holocaust

The Hidden Evil Every single person in this world right now has been indifferent during their lifetime. No one, however, has been as indifferent as the United States, Jewish prisoners, Nazis, Germany citizens, and the rest of the world during the Holocaust. On the brink of World War Two, many nations were only focused on the battlefront, but the true horror lied within the walls of German control. Concentration camps, otherwise known as death camps, or hell, “housed” millions of Jews, workers as well as their corpses. During the Holocaust, over six million Jews were exterminated by Nazi guards under Adolf Hitler’s reign. The start of this tragic time period started in the 1930s, but the camps were not liberated by the Allied forces until …show more content…
As these innocent people witness brutal killings and knowing each day gets closer to the time it will happen to them, hope is lost, and lack of care for living sinks in. In Elie Wiesel’s speech The Perils of Indifference he discloses, “Over there, behind the black gates of Auschwitz, the most tragic of all prisoners were the "Muselmanner," as they were called. Wrapped in their torn blankets, they would sit or lie on the ground, staring vacantly into space, unaware of who or where they were, strangers to their surroundings. They no longer felt pain, hunger, thirst. They feared nothing. They felt nothing. They were dead and did not know it” (Wiesel 3). These are the most grievous of humans during the Holocaust time. The effect of indifference shows within them how fatal the symptoms are. Prisoners who became indifferent in the camps became so numb to the effect of death, that the idea of death itself had no meaning. There was no difference between being alive or dead to these heart wrenching individuals. Events in the camps were so gruesome and intolerable, people gave up on the life that should have been worth living outside hell because seeing all the things surrounding that life was too unbearable. This mental suicide of indifference was one of the leading factors of death in the

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