Essay on The Performance Of The Distilled Performance

1113 Words Mar 1st, 2016 null Page
The groups concept for the distilled performance is to make it a presentational performance. Since we can not use actual props or costumes, it just makes more sense to make it presentational and allows for more creative thinking. Another concept for this performance that is being worked on is a presentational table; which will be further explained later. Other than those concepts, another concept that has been brought up is presenting this performance while in a semi-circle. By doing so, it allows for the audience to get the best view possible of the main acting happening while also recognizing the other sub actions happening in the back. Some of the key ideas and themes that is drawn from this play is consists of Myra as a feminist icon, the personal struggles that happen throughout the play and being a woman. Not just being a woman, but being a woman in a new surrounding. These key things all come together to summarize just what the group interprets the play as. With these, by taking the main view points within the play, a performance can be made within the time limit given and effectively. During the play, Myra is seen as a feminist icon because she does not feel that it is a must to give in to the stereotypes; that men are strong and meant to be the ones who provide. Instead, she voids all of the stereotypes and proves to be her own provider. Here is a focal idea that will be implemented into the performance because it really helps define who Myra is. Next, with that…

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