Analysis Of The Macro Impact Of Microaggressions

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“Loving is Art, and Art is Love. (...) In love and in art, the only constant is inconstancy (Boal 19).” This project gave me the ability to create without pressures and to cherish in the inconsistencies of art. I was able to see how art is forever changing and reworking. Art like love is fluid, the person you love and the art you create are constantly growing, moving, and developing. Normally when I am the director of a project I try to make sure that everything is constant, unique, and together, yet with the rapidness of this project I had to through these ideas out the window. We had to create something. This really made me realize that everything we have done for this class could be used to benefit our piece. I realized that the inconstancy …show more content…
They are both plays focusing on one important issue through multiple monologues and scenes based on interviews. As we went to stage it I had in mind a similar setup as described in the introduction to The Exonerated, “Bare stage; minimal set with several chairs (...) Can be performed in proscenium, in the round, or by seated actors (Blank and Jensen 13).” We felt as though the show would benefit from minimalism, in both blocking and setting. Due to the fact, these are true stories, I wanted to make sure that they came across as truthful and honest to the audience as possible. I remembered this excerpt from The Exonerated “Notes on the Performance of the Play” section that was on how to tell true stories. The authors state, “Directors and actors should be careful not to didactic in their presentation of the play. The drama of these stories does not need enhancement (Blank and Jensen 8).” This idea really helped me believe that the truth of these stories was enough and we do not need to complicate anything when we told these stories. I believe why we ended up with minimal staging was partly due to the fact that we didn’t have a lot of time, but was also because of the influence of The Exonerated on the

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