The Performance Of A Police Officer Essay

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The performance of a police officer is always under a microscope, especially when it comes to dealing with people from another race. There is also the idea that police officers use racial profiling to conduct and solve many of the crimes that are happening in their neighborhood. The racial profiling aspect is very sensitive issue and it can be difficult to determine if in reality racial profiling is happening because this is coming from someone else 's perception or is it only profiling where it is able to assist an officer in identifying a specific subject.
According to Wiener, R., et al (2007), profiling is used by law enforcement officers to help them find needles in haystacks - to identify the few bad guys hiding in plain view among the mass of ordinary people (pg. 36). They are cues that an officer can use to find the subject who is breaking the law and terrorizing the residents in the community. However, people create their own perceptions when a police officer is seen to interact with a person whose race is completely different even though there is a legitimate reason why they are interacting. According (n.d.), people tend to focus on how police treat them - the process and interactions - rather than the final outcome of those interactions. However, this also depends on the mannerism that an officer has while interacting with the person. For example, a police officer pulled over a driver because the driver just ran the red light. When there is a…

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