Police Involved Shootings And Killings: Case Study

• Issue #1 (Police Involved shootings/killings (#Blacklivesmatter)
I decided too discuss police involved shooting /killings (#Blacklivesmatter), since it has been a major topic over the past few months or maybe years. There have been several recent cases regarding police involved shootings/killings, such as Travon Martin, Mike Brown, Erick Garner, and Freddie Gray. Each case dealing with different people has affected people in the world in different ways. Some people say that these acts are signs that it is time for the violence to stop among all. Others may say that this shows that racism still does exist or that not all police officers care about the citizens that they are suppose to protect. I personally have to touch on a topic that is
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I am an eyewitness of police involved shootings/killings that has taken place on a daily basic there. There are several individuals in Baltimore who have no respect for the police at all in Baltimore and the reason is because of they the police officers have no respect for them. A Baltimore resident by the name Freddie Gray died from a spinal injury at the hands of police during an arrest in April 2015. Trust he was the not the first who was injured or killed in police custody in Baltimore. Baltimore police officers are quick to assume that someone is doing wrong just by they way they dress, talk, and even do to the area they may live. My generation in Baltimore cannot go out to a specific place and have fun without the police showing up. They bother individuals for no reason but as soon as a person says something, they react in a manner that is uncalled for. No matter the color of your skin humans are should be treated equal and there should be respect for all mankind. This topic is important, because people all over the world are tried of hearing about police involved shootings dealing with African Americans who seem to never make it to tell their side of the story. “Black Lives Matter” has …show more content…
Some humans believe that violence is often the behavioral response that people are taught or have learned to use in order to get what they need in life. Day to day it is shown that there is an act of violence towards humans, whether it is among the youth, adults or race. This is an important issue topic to discuss, because it effects every generation, especially the youth of today. Youth violence, which leads to crimes, plays a big role in the world today and a lot of youth violence has to do with what is seen in the media. The influence of media plays a big role in several different cultures. Media indeed can influence people in different ways, but it is up to the person who observes the actions seen. Teenagers tend to copy the actions of these people on television, thinking that it is okay to display these actions towards others. They learn to transfer these ill behaviors seen into friends. Violence needs to stop among all people, but the media has to make the first move. Since most of the acts of violence are observed from the media, it would take people within the media to change the way situations are acted. Not only is Black on Black crime a major issue in society, but also Whites killing Blacks. There are many different factors that can be blamed for this

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