The Perfect Financial Review Skill Building Process Essay

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In today’s fast-paced world of constant change and pressure for responsiveness, it is imperative that organizations implement effective and efficient process management procedures to avoid bottlenecks in the workplace. The inefficiencies brought about by a bottleneck often creates a queue and a longer overall process time, impacting organizational performance and employee stress levels. This document will focus on the major bottleneck in the Perfect Financial Review and how the Theory of Constraint can be used to identify and resolve the problem.
The Major Bottleneck
The Perfect Financial Review skill building process is a layered learning approach that involves approximately thirty-eight steps. Although the process is pretty straightforward, a major bottleneck can still occur causing unnecessary delays. Like Herbie in the book “The Goal” by Goldratt and Cox, not all Account Managers learn at the same pace. For the Perfect Financial Review to be successful, Branch Managers must conduct skill building programs in a context that is understandable by all participants. Poor communication practices in the workplace can be detrimental to employee development. Good communication practices are at the heart of every successful business. Without it, employees end up working in silos with no clear direction, vague goals and little opportunity for growth.
Why Bottleneck Occurs
Most disruptions or failures in the Perfect Financial are due to poor communication. According…

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