Essay on The People Of Brazil And Bolivia

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The people of Brazil and Bolivia both faced problems unique to their political and environmental climates. Across both countries the poor suffer from specific acute problems, for instance the people of Brazil suffer from issues of housing and environmental loss. The people of Bolivia had a different problem, particularly in the town of Cochabamba who fought for basic necessities against a totalitarian government and a massive international company. Ultimately all of these groups achieved some form of success, whether it was lasting success is a different issue entirely. All the groups have one thing in common, their unique way of addressing and combatting the problems before them. The forest dwellers of Brazil have an interesting history. Mainly being people who traveled to the forests in 1930-1940 their goal was to tap rubber trees to provide the raw resource to America during the Second World War. Many of the initial rubber tappers left the Amazon and returned back to the cities, but a sizable number stayed in the forest and generations of them have lived on since then. Their main problems stem from the fact that they do not have legal rights to the forests they live and work, putting them at risk of being forced off their land by companies looking to develop further into the Amazon. These people were some of the first to bring the heavy deforestation to light because it was in front of them daily and they would see its effects. These people learned to counter the…

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