Essay on The Patristic Period Of Christianity

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The Patristic period was a significant time of theological and ideological formation of the Christian Church, during which its foundations were created. The Patristic period served as a time of self-definition and creation of identity for the church, with the defining of beliefs, teachings, and doctrines occurring throughout this era. This time period established the basic beliefs of Christianity and determined the differences between Christianity and Judaism (McGrath, 18). Throughout the Patristic period, Christianity was able to grow and spread, which can be seen through the five main patriarchates of Christianity, which were centers of religious administration. These patriarchates, located in Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, Jerusalem, and Rome give valuable insight about the beginnings of Christianity by showing that it began in the east and migrated westward, as four of the five patriarchates are located in the east (Vishnevskaya, Feb. 1). The Patristic period brought about numerous developments essential to the formation and beliefs of Christianity, with three of the most important being the creation of the New Testament canon, church traditions, and Gnosticism. The New Testament canon was a collection of books that were considered divinely inspired and were therefore authoritative for faith and practice. The canon consists of a twenty-seven books that took the church fathers centuries to decide upon. The first mention of all twenty-seven books of the New…

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