The Patriot Movie Review Essay

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The Patriot Have you ever wished you had a time machine that can take you back in time to understand the history we find in our text books? When I saw the movie The Patriot my mind was blown away because I really felt this movie took me back in time to understand what was actually going on when Americans were trying to gain independence from Great Britain. On the contrary, the reason why I enjoyed the movie so much because I like the fact I had the opportunity to know what was behind the scenes of this tragic war instead of getting the bases in a typical history book. Then I enjoyed how Benjamin had an happy ending with his family and having closure about his loved ones. Finally, knowing the history of how our great American country became free. Therefore, The Patriot was a great movie and if I had to rank this from 1 through 5 I would give a 4 because the movie was great however, in certain scenes it was boring. To begin with, before I watch this movie from what I read about the Americans fighting for their independence I knew King George was a tyrant to his country and he wanted to take control of America because of the great soil for food, and …show more content…
Although, he fought for his country he came across many bumps on the road which caused him to be in deep depression at one point. Benjamin lost two of his sons on the war and had a rough time with his youngest daughter Susan who refused to talk to him because of the death of her mother. Once the war was over Benjamin finally got the opportunity to hear his little girl talk to him, reunited with the rest of his children, and come back to his new girlfriend charlotte which is the kids aunt. Even though his two oldest sons cannot rise from the dead he now has closure now that his son's killer is put to death and can never hurt another human being ever

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