Social Acceptance

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Social Acceptance We are all humans, one living things that has a brain that can think beyond the ordinary, a body which has no limits, and think like no other in this world. We call our selves the smartest, strongest and fastest. But there’s one thing that we can’t accept for our selves “Us”. Everyone in this world is trying to get accepted at work with there colleagues, at school with there friends, at homes with there families. Being socially accepted has become a big thing now days. In this world many people think they don’t fit into society. They feel lonely and worthless. This is a severe problem that our modern society faces. We are scared of the change, scared of losing our friends because they think we aren’t cool, loosing our lover …show more content…
Most of the time we are put down by people we see who are better than an us in a way or the other. When you see someone else who looks or has better character than you. You start to wish you had the same thing the other person has, start questioning your self “why can’t I have hair like his”, “why can’t I have eyes like hers”, “why can’t I have legs like hers” or “why can’t I have a body like his” and so on. Its not only the appearance they wish they had its also the inside, someone’s personality. They want to act as funny as someone, as cool as the guy in his grade, or be caring as the girl from 10th grade. How many people from this grade have changed their style of dressing, maybe their hair, maybe put make up, change their act, change the way they speak? I am sure all of us from here have done one thing or the other. But the question is why? To get accepted? To not get judged as someone bad or ugly? Leon F. Seltzer in, “The Path to Unconditional Self-Acceptance,” stated: “I believe self-esteem rises naturally as soon as we cease being so hard on ourselves.” I agree with this quote; why do we be hard on yourself? You’re just making things worse. Nobody’s perfect. It never works that way. Trying to please everyone, and being hard on yourself? Putting all the hardness and work on you just so you can please someone else. Just be true to who you are it makes everything

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