The Ottoman Empire : A Culture Of Muslim, Jews, And Christians

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The Ottoman Empire wants from mix race and cultural before World Wars one to becoming a nationalism nation of Muslim, Jews, and Christians. Historians Michelle Campos and Abigail Jacobson have written about the same topic of the Ottoman Empire. They both give the history of the different culture in the Ottoman Empire, but Jacobson pays more attention to Jerusalem while Campos look at Palestine as a whole, which give us two distinct viewpoints.

Michelle Campos and Abigail Jacobson wrote about the last decades of the Ottoman Empire when it was changing to British rule in Palestine. They both explore the different experience of people who live in the 19th century and the begin of the 20th century and Palestine. Each historian analyzes this subject the same way but Jacobson extending the research of Campos to give more detail about how each culture lives during Ottoman, slowly getting taken over by nationalism. Campos wrote how in the last decade, the Ottoman Empire underwent a period of actual reform, and the 1908 revolution transformed the empire 's where questions quickly emerged about what it meant to be Ottoman. Ottoman Brothers explores the development of Ottoman collective identity, tracing how Muslims, Christians, and Jews became imperial citizens together. In Palestine, even against the backdrop of the emergence of the Zionist movement and Arab nationalism, Jews and Arabs cooperated in local development and local institutions as they embraced imperial citizenship.…

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