The Autobiography Of Malcolm X : As Told To Ax Haley Value

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Research Question: What motivated Malcolm X’s acceptance of true Islam and how did this change his beliefs about the American civil rights movement?
The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley Value
This document is co-written by Malcolm X making it a primary source. It is also written by Alex Haley, an African American journalist who ghostwrote Malcolm’s autobiography based on more than 50 in depth interviews with Malcolm.
The purpose of this document is to detail Malcolm’s philosophy on black nationalism, black pride, and his conversion to Islam. It also gives the reader an insight into his childhood and adult life. It helps a historian understand Malcolm’s life and reasons for conversion to Islam.
This source’s content is valuable because it describes Malcolm’s experiences with religion and race in an up close and personal way. It’s content details Malcolm’s building of relationships and his burning of relationships as well.
A limitation of this source could be the fact that it was written by Malcolm X, which could cause this source to be biased, making Malcolm X appear in a better light.
The purpose of this document was to detail Malcolm’s life. A limitation of this document could be the fact that happenings and events that occurred during the same time period may have been left out due to not relating explicitly to Malcolm’s life. Examples of this could be hate crimes against African Americans and Civil Rights activists that occurred while

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