The Other Wes Moore : Theories That Can Affect An Individual 's Life Path

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In the book “The Other Wes Moore”, the four main concepts that can affect an individual’s life path is environment, personal responsibility, influence, and expectations. Environment and influences are related to each other because different environments have positive and negative influences within them. Personal responsibilities can vary greatly from person to person; some learn responsibility at a young age by doing chores or younger siblings while others never learn to take responsibilities for themselves or their actions. Then, expectations can be what individuals expect from themselves or what others around them expect them to do. However, I believe the four main concepts that shape a person’s direction of life are common sense, new environments, making choices for yourself, and reality check/change.
The first concept common sense can alters a person’s life because everyone to some extent knows right from wrong, but it depends on the individual if they want to follow what they know. For example, the other Wes knew that he should continue his education and stay away from negative influences, which in his case is selling drugs (27). However, he was consumed with the large amounts of money he was receiving and how quickly he could accumulate it. Even after his older brother Tony and him had an altercation and his mother discovered his “work boxes”; he continued to sell drugs only pushing him further into the streets (73). The other Wes already knew how that selling drugs…

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