Essay about The Other Two By Edith Wharton

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In the short story, "The Other Two," Edith Wharton reveals a situation in which there are multiple marriages. The female character in the story, Alice Haskett
Varick Waythorn, marries three times. This is a rare thing at the tum of the 21st century. She does not seem to be happy, but she is not sad. She appears to be content and nonchalant. This is a mediocre marriage.
“The Other Two” was written in 1904. In the story, Wharton reveals how a woman must behave in order to survive. Alice Waythorn, the wife in the story, seems to throw herself from one marriage into another. She knows how to get what she wants from a man. Alice and her third husband seem to like each other; however, their marriage cannot be called happy.
The story features the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Waythorn, a New York society couple.
The story is set just after their honeymoon. Mrs. Alice Waythorn has previously been both Mrs.
Haskett and Mrs.Varick. Her first union occurred when she was young and resulted in a daughter, Lily. Her marriage to Mr. Varick had been "a passport to the set whose recognition she coveted" (Wharton 221). Her divorce from him was a matter of small social dispute.
People within society began to talk only when her plans for marriage with Waythorn were announced.
Because of his self-centered happiness, Waythorn is able to put his wife 's past relationships out of his mind until he is thrown into the path of the other men for various reasons. For example, Haskett comes to his home…

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