Gail Godwin's A Sorrowful Woman

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The Reaction Essay

Gail Godwin’s ‘A Sorrowful Woman” is a tale of the true story of marriage. The story follows an unnamed wife and husband. The wife has fallen out of love with the fairytale of marriage, and finally realizes how she doesn’t know who she is, unknown and trapped she falls into depression. Her Husband who acts as if she isn’t hurting continues the role of husband by society’s definition in the 1970s. The mother can no longer care their 3 year old son, whom she describes as soul sucking. In the end the women can no longer use materialistic things to fulfill her role as a mother and takes her life leaving the fairytale husband and child to live a new. My reaction on the institution of marriage displayed by Godwin is that marriage
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This young girl was forced to become a responsible wife and mother without knowledge of what she want or who she want to be in life. The author portrayed as afraid and fragile but not afraid to die, I don’t believe that was what was,she was a scornful demeanor, ,but intrigant and lost person. She hid behind corners only coming out to leave food and poems as it that would fill the void that she left in the marriage. The son was in my opinion Goldwin used the son as an instrument to evoke emotion out of the mother and for the father, yet ignorant. The time he showed ignorance was when he took easy to the fact that his father basically replaced his mother’s role in his life with a young vibrant girl. In the text, “ danced in stocking feet to music in the white room after reading the child to sleep.” This you women was the fairly tale wife, she took care of the house duties, the child, and still had the energy to even stand better yet dance.The son manipulated or shifted into this powerful object that the wife used to dignify her absence in motherhood. An example,” One night she tasted for the first time the power of his baby spit.” and “ One of his sharp claws ripped her flesh..” She described him as animal like as if he try to fed off of her. I believe the son was twisted and change for the use to evoke emotion.

These three, when linked together, show the tale of marriage rather than the fairytale. Once

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