The Organizational Theories Of Motivation

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Motivation has been described as the desire the employees have to perform work whether they like it or not (Kelley, n.d). It is what drives employees to perform their roles and responsibilities. Managers need to know what the employees needs are and satisfy them so that they can be motivated to do their work. The motivation of employees to do certain things has a direct relationship with the ability of an organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Only if employees are motivated enough to perform the activities that are necessary if the organization wants to achieve its goals and objectives.
There are various motivational theories that exist in order to encourage employees to work for the organization. The theories include (Nayab, 2011):
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As mentioned before when the needs are satisfied, employees tend to perform better and improve on their productivity. This will therefore improve the possibility of the firm to achieve its goals and objectives.
Expectancy Theory- This theory recognizes the fact that employees will perform to a level that will best satisfy their self-interest. A good rewards system as well as good management policies will motivate employees to perform their roles with great dedication. It is based on 3 particular functions like:
• Instrumentality- If the accomplishment of tasks will give the desired output and is based on transparency and trust.
• Valence- the emotional stability of employees is very important for results and rewards to be effective
• Expectancy- the confidence of the employees to conduct their tasks with ease thus needs things like basic training and support from the
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Equity Theory- Based on the equality employees believe they get in the rewards they get while comparing it to what others did for the rewards they get. If they feel they are getting less rewards for the job they have done will experience a negative equity as they don’t feel they are being rewarded equally. However, those who feel they are getting more then they deserve for the job they have done, they will experience positive equity. Firms have to ensure that all the employees experience a positive equity which will motivate employees to work better this the achievement of the firms overall goals and

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