The Or More Subordinate Centered Leadership Styles Essay

1024 Words Feb 7th, 2016 null Page
Do you believe that managers today are using more boss- or more subordinate-centered leadership styles? Explain!
There is no doubt in my mind that our society and workforce are lining to a more effective way to do business by utilizing more subordinate centered leadership styles. Times changes and we need to move with it. Nowadays, employees are the reasons of any leader success. The way in which managers change from a philosophy of management to one of leadership will determine success or failure, will determine whether your company will just survive or thrive in difficult times. It is now leaders need to develop self-awareness in terms of how they do things and how they relate, respond and associate with subordinates. This is a time for cultivating "innovative thinking ' - and a change in strategy (Subordinate Centered Leadership, 2010).
We cannot leave our troops behind anymore. We need to include the team, workers, or employees on any plan, regardless is the results will not be beneficial for them. We need to rely on them to accomplish our goals. We live in an extremely advanced technological world where the answers of any question can be find online and that is why they need to be notified and keep them posted at all times. There will be situations that they will know things before you, or even worst, when they ask a question knowing the answers, just to see how prepared are you, if you try to avoid the question or just to confirm that they know more than you do.…

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