The Oppressed By Paulo Freire Essay

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Humanization, dehumanization, oppression and oppressors are all main concepts in the opening chapters of pedagogy of the oppressed by Paulo Freire. Freire entertains the idea that school system oppresses students through dehumanization tactics and curriculum. Terry Wotherspoon in The Sociology of Education in Canada explains that teachers and students are the agents in schooling, and subsequently affect each other. The teacher-student relationship has been examined closely and both Wotherspoon and Freire have important ideas on what it entails. Without the understanding and analysis of how teachers and students relate, it is impossible for us to make any positive, and progressive changes to education.

Freire states that before a group becomes oppressed they must be dehumanized. Dehumanization occurs when needs like freedom, and integrity are taken away from a particular group. The group is then submitted to the control of the oppressor, who treats the oppressed as though they were pawns in a game. The oppressed often become secure in their position, afraid to break the norm and become free. In schooling students become the oppressed when they are treated as objects that must sit, stay still, and retain the wisdom of the oppressive teacher. The current schooling process disengages students by forcing them to regurgitate information taught by their superior teachers; it views knowledge as a one-way path, from teacher to student. In modern schools students are taught as…

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