Explain Why This Is An Example Of Internalized Oppression

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1) Explain why this is an example of internalized oppression. Use references from the course textbook and or PowerPoints to support your position.

The man is clearly practicing internalized oppression against himself and his own people. To explain why, I would refer to this quote: “Experiencing oppression unfortunately is coupled with the internalization of that oppression. Some of us will learn strategies to avoid this internalization, but tragically most of us will take in some of the negative messages about ourselves and our groups and consequentially feel less than good about ourselves, others in our own groups or groups “like” ours.” (PowerPoint, week2, internalized oppression theory, slide 5)
So this man took the negative messages
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He was maybe oppressed during his life by others for his skin color. He witnessed the privileges that white people get. All of those incidents would internalize with time. He is doing that unconsciously and without knowing that it is internalized oppression. “Internalized Oppression is an involuntary reaction to the experience of oppression—it is not our fault.” (PowerPoint, week2, internalized oppression theory, slide 6). Also “It will never seem obvious to the victim of the oppression, to begin with, that the internalizing of the oppression is not their “own thinking”.” (PowerPoint, week2, internalized oppression theory, slide …show more content…
It is inevitable kind of oppression that they are unaware of. Oppression internalized and became a trend which is in reality it is not. It a good one because it talks about how this oppression was engraved into the consciences with the colonization of the Spaniards and was carried on with the influence of the American Culture that favors white skin. The white skin became the standard of beauty and this is promoted in movies. I liked something I heard on the video “white skin in, dark skin out” which is promoted on commercials and products that whiten the skin.
The Title of the video: FILIPINOS OBSESSION FOR WHITE SKIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp7lAWofJc&ebc=ANyPxKpSGCN8ZTvmEwEjuHaPj6OeluW11qxPCGB2bTkDkLHa5UVRAruTJuyzSe_3VvVEEMec5zFGbmwE6sxsXB3HYF8n_WLZw&nohtml5=False 3) What could you do to be an ally to someone in the statement that you chose for this assignment? What would you do to help counter the negative messaging? Again use the textbook or PowerPoints to support your

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