Essay on The Opportunity Costs About Playing A Sport

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I’m going to write on the opportunity costs about playing a sport in college. I play basketball and as you probably know it takes up much of your time, usually about six or seven months out of the nine we are in school. The big opportunities that I lose out on are studying more, joining clubs or sororities, getting to know more people outside of basketball and spending time with family. I also lose out on some sleep during these months because there are early mornings and late nights. I know I love playing basketball and there isn’t anything that I would trade for it, but I know it would be nice to have more time to study, hang out with friends and just be a normal student. I often think about what college would be like without playing a sport. Talking with and watching other people I learn that there is a huge difference between student-athletes and students. After one semester in the books, I’ve talked to my friends from back home and learned how free you are when you aren’t required to stay at school for games and practices. When you don’t spend your time in sports, you can go home whenever you want and catch up with your friends. One thing I really miss, that I know others love, is enjoying time at home with my family. Luckily my parents are very loyal and attend every one of my basketball games so I have the opportunity to see them quite often, but not every athlete is that lucky.
The difference between a student and a student athlete is nothing bad, it is just a way…

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