The One Essay

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1. Coin in Cup
We take the piece of paper or whatever it was away from the cup, therefore the coin falls into the cup due to Newton’s 1st law of Inertia. The coin, which was at rest, and once acted upon by pulling the paper away made the coin fall into the cup proving that the coin was acted on by some force making it fall.

2. Flying pucks
When the picks are stable and are sitting on the table the are at rest, however once the puck is slung in to the lowest puck the inertia of the puck transferred into the puck that was stable propelling it forward. This proves Newton’s 1st law because the puck at rest remains at rest until hit by the other object(force).

3. Mutual Abuse
When Ace hit John, obviously hurting ace’s hand
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7. Air Track Demo “A” after turning on the machine the cart remained at rest because nothing acted upon it proving that an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by another object proving Newton’s 1st law.
One cart was at rest and one cart was pushed eventually running into the cart at rest, causing that to move because it was acted upon by an outside force. Newton’s 2nd law acc. is directly proportional to force, and inversely proportional to mass.
Two carts were attached together by a rubber band and were at rest. Once the rubber band breaks, the carts go off at an equal acc. and an oppostite side proving Newton’s 3rd law. An action has an equal and opposite reaction.

8. Commercial inertia device Basically same concept as demo one coin in cup. Proving newton’s 1st law. the slip is pushed out therefore the ball at rest lands on the stand staying at rest.

9. Bicep curls I pull a spring back that is attached to the table and once I pull back the table does not move because its force is equal and opposite of the force being pulled by the guy proving Newton’s 3rd law. b. Two guys with huge muscles like myself and Stephen McCaf, pull with equal force against the spring hook but by pulling with equal force proves that when I pull stephen pulls with an equal and opposite

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