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programming is terrible lessons learned from a life wasted @tef


hello, iamtef, I am a bad programmer I took things apart to find out how they work. Now I am surprised they do. I am a bad programmer (tests, docs, apology code review, bugs) we can do better.

Good and Bad Programmers How Culture Dictates Code Indoctrination vs Learning Being Successful vs Being Good


Not just complaints, Tips, hope. mistakes i’ve made etc. mythos. people rather than code. std disclaimer, opinions, not work, or reality



Some find useful, gives me trouble. I am wrong. Doesn’t stop bloggers. A good place to start

my code is better than your code

(sing it)


false dichotomy of good and bad
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Sometimes refuse to try, sometimes refuse to learn. Biggest mistake is optimism.

“You would think that...”


Optimisim is still necessary or we would go mad. Chronically underestimate work. classic programmer compliaint,underling optimism, could be better, or they could do better. I am a cynic. We fix bugs but not people.



Mistakes come from environment too. We need to find out why bug happened If we want to stop writing so many bugs Not endemic, systematic.

“...organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations”


Code reflects social structures. You want a service, the team needs to provide/run it, not hand over code. God objects come from god programmers. Groups make mistakes too.

The Bike Shed


design of nuclear power plant parkinson’s law. when domain expertise isn’t needed, everyone is an expert everyone has an opinion, debate will never end putting your thumb on it, etc

The Group Project


let’s do stuff together, pool out ideas. ideas no-one wants to actually d on their own colaboration requires leading by example doesn’t mean ideas, ideas are multiplier if ideas are all you have

The ‘Goon’ Project


We have a wiki, and a logo. All bikeshedding, no progress. When you have enthusiam and not much else. Let’s write a video game. Let’s build a darknet. Sure, i’ll make the wiki and the logo.

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