Essay about The On The Beach - Original Writing

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I watched the waves as they crashed on the beach. Something about their melodic sound used to lull me to sleep as a child. Now, I cringe at every crash and splash I hear. Each sound pulls me deeper and deeper into depression. The day we lost her still haunts my nightmares and I can’t seem to rid of the reoccurring flashbacks. The day had started like any other. Amelia and I were looking for seashells on the beach. I remember the cute red sundress she was wearing, the one I helped Mum sew just a week before. Her soft, blonde curls were tied up in two pigtails. While on our hunt we came across a clam buried in the sand. I remembered seeing one in the oceanography book Dad gave me for my birthday. The book had said that a clam could contain a pearl. I told Amelia to stay put as I ran down the beach to show Mum what I found. When I reached the house I ran into the kitchen to find my mum making dinner. I reached my hand up, presenting the clam to her like a trophy I had just won. Her eyes lit up when she saw how excited I was to have made my first discovery, but then quickly shifted to concern. “Charlotte, where’s Amelia?” I’d forgotten that I had left my baby sister to guard the shells. I sprinted back up the beach to find the pail of shells, but no Amelia. “Amelia.” I called. The more I searched the more concerned I became. “Amelia!” There was still no answer. As I started towards the water I saw a glimpse of something red. I ran as fast as I could, only to find that it…

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