The Occupational Safety And Health Administration Act Essay

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Employee Safety
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act focuses on providing standards to develop and maintain workplace health and safety guidelines (OSHA, n.d.). OSHA provides standards, training, education and assistance to help ensure companies have the tools necessary to provide a safe healthy work place (OSHA, n.d.). It is also required that every covered employer displays the OSHA Job Safety and Health: “It’s the Law” poster at their place of employment to inform employees of their rights (OSHA, n.d.). In preparing for this assignment, I first reviewed the employee hand book for my organization and went on a search to find the appropriate disclosers, which were posted in the employee community room, as they should be.
Advia Credit Union focuses on employee safety. Being a financial institution there is not much need for many of the safety precautions you might find or need in a manufacturing business, yet there are guidelines and procedures that do include hazardous substances, evacuation procedures, and information on how to properly use the defibrillator and fire extinguisher. Advia provides several specific trainings on robbery awareness, workplace violence and we have a well defined procedure on how to file an incident report and what steps should be taken to insure the safety of those involved.
Each year HR and L & D (Learning and Development) update our training calendar. Minimally this schedule includes the mandatory trainings, but also…

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