Essay about The Nutritional Value Of Food

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In our society, it is difficult to live our lives without encountering some form of a social gap. These include the wealth and the gender gaps, among some of the less noticeable ones. Perhaps the one that receives the least attention in the United States is the food gap. No, I’m not talking about how bananas are more favored than brussel sprouts. Rather, I am referring to the availability of nutritional foods and how that is limited by one’s economic bracket and geographic location. Many problems arise out of this economic discrepancy of food, including the dreaded obesity. The truth is, the nutritional value of food is related to one’s economic class, causes things like food deserts, and needs to be restored. When thinking about the economy, we usually distinguish between rich and poor. The same goes with food, although we might not realize it. There are many places around the U.S. that are rich in the nutritional value of their food, and there are others that are not so fortunate. Many experts call these areas without adequate access to nutritional food “food deserts.” Food deserts are, at their core, the slums of the nutritional world. The people living in these areas must rely on places like convenience stores, food trucks, and fast food restaurants to supply the majority of their nutrients. It should be noted that just because an area is a food desert doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no places to receive nutritional foods. Many food deserts do have supermarkets…

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